We proudly present our newest collaboration with the Wolves of El Solitario 
It is with joy we can add this brand to our portfolio , its the cherry on the pie! Check out their story here and soon available in selected stores. 
From the depths of the Galician forests, El Solitario has been challenging the status quo since its birth in 2010; Known both for the emotional power and raw energy of our motorcycles and the romantic but determinedly contemporary nature of our collections.Fundamental to our culture is the juxtaposition of contrasting elements: fragility and strength, tradition and modernity, fluidity and severity. We are not a fashion brand nor a motorcy- cle company. El Solitario is just the umbrella under which we develop our creative ethos. All parts influence the others and only dance to the beats of our own drums.Riding motorcycles is the epitome of speed, a genuine modern revelation. Innumerable great men and women have succumbed to the allure, and felt the fire in their bellies, propelling through adversity on nothing more than a skinny-motored artifact. Nonetheless shredding any semblance of mundanity from their lives, El Solitario, connects with the sense of awareness and strength that riders develop due to the inherent risk, fragility and outsider spirit that defines their way of life.El Solitario is the vanguard of the new global motorcycle movement that is combining motorcycles, art, clothing and cultural events. We are not ashamed to be educated or sophisticated, nor to be interested in more than the stats of racing or the posturing of faux outlaw bikers. We manufacture and sell products no one dares to make and enjoy treading a tight rope. Our strategy and product line is disruptive and captivating. We dictate trends, we do not follow them. Ask anybody.

DePalma Workwear joins forces with Die Agency for The Benelux
We are proud to present our newest brand DePalma Workwear. From of now we will represent this brand for the Benelux. The collection will be visible in our showroom, for further information and or an appointment  you can contact us.
DePalma Workwear – with its roots in California garage culture – designs, sells and markets professional workwear with image and passion playing as big a role as function.The collection consists of workwear pants, jackets, aprons, shirts and accessories with style and inspiration collected from the US and then reworked with Swedish work apparel function and quality.For a new generation of craftsmen, whether working outdoors, in garages or kitchens.

Alpha Industries x Daily Paper
Alpha Industries & Daily Paper join forces to reimagine Zambian scientist Edward Nkoloso’s dream to go to space.
Military inspired brand Alpha Industries and Amsterdam-based clothing label Daily Paper team up with a new limited edition outerwear piece for the upcoming winter.
Alpha Industries the story

Alpha Industries halloween

First up, channel your inner Marilyn Monroe with our B-15 Slim Fit Flight Jacket. Style it with a pair of hi-waisted pants and combat boots to mimic one of her most iconic looks! This costume will help you stand out on this spooky holiday.

MM blog

For our next costume, we’ve recreated Tom Cruise’s famous look from the popular movie Top Gun with our K-2B Mod Flight Suit which is made for both men and women. This is the ideal costume for anyone for a top-quality costume!

Top gun blog images

Next up, an effortless yet impactful look for this year is Robert Di Niro from the physiological thriller Taxi Driver. Alpha’s M-65 Field Coat matches Di Niro’s jacket perfectly, and it would look great with a pair of blue jeans, aviators, and leather boots.

taxi driver blog image


Cycle Zombies

Cycle Zombies is a family that was born and raised in Orange County, CA.  It was never founded, it just happened.  Surfing, skateboarding, building and riding motorcycles, is a lifestyle that we live and breath everyday, as opposed to what so many other companies try to copy.  We’re not a club or a gang, but a brotherhood of family and friends who ride together and care for eachother…
We dig up old bikes and bring them back to life with a new look.  We’re not trying to re-invent the wheel, but only make them turn again…
Surfing, skating, and riding choppers give you all the same feelings of freedom.  The second you fire a bike up, step on a skateboard, or catch a wave, you forget about everything…


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